Music I think is awesome- The airborne toxic event timeless

Time now to check out the airborne toxic event and their jam timeless. If youve listened to them before.. you know theyre great.. but can be a lil freaking depressing. Well theres a reason for that. The airborne toxic Event was formed by their lead singer Mikel on a day where he found out that: He'd been dumped, he had an autoimmune disease, and his mom was dying... so you'll excuse them for sounding a lil bummed out from time to time...

Interestingly enough their lead singer Mikel ... before he was a lead singer... was a writer. Given the somewhat artsy and/ or fartsy quality of his music.. that makes sense I guess.. until you find out that as opposed to being artsy and fartsy in his writing, he was cranking out articles for magazines like mens health. weird but true story. maybe this god of indie rock credability can tell me why chiseled washboard abs continue to eluded me... whatever the case may be this is awesome. it's the airborne toxic event and timeless.  enjoy


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