Your Band Sucks

One of the best parts of my job is being in a position to help hard working musicians get where they're going. When in some small way I can help people with talent drive and a work ethic get a couple steps closer to their dreams... well thats a REALLY good feeling. There are so many awesome independent musicians that I've met along the way, and I do everything in my power to make things happen for them... from radio airplay to introducing them to record label weasles to trying to help them get on shows with more established artists. The ones that work for it...the ones that painstakingly grind and improve their craft from songwriting to playing live to being better at their particular musical instrument.... I'll do ANYTHING I can to help them...

I've also run into a lot of talentless lazy idiots in bands that hold me responsible for the fact that theyre not headlining stadiums. These are the ones who seem to feel like it's my job to make them rockstars , that it's some sort of public service theyre entitled to, and that I owe them something.

I've been cursed out by bands who I havent played, told I'm a corporate c***sucker for not putting awful music on the air, and someone once told me theyd kill me if I didn't play a band's music on the radio.

To musicians holding me personally responsible for the fact that theyre flipping burgers and not rocking arenas. I have this to say...


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