Dumb Criminals

A Man is Busted Injecting Drugs Into His Scrotum at a Movie Theater

On Sunday, a man was at a movie theater in New Mexico when he left his movie, went to the bathroom, peed in the sink, then whipped out a needle and some heroin and injected it into his scrotum.  He was arrested.  There's no word what movie he was watching that drove him to shoot up his junk.

Read the story --> NBC 4 - Albuquerque

A Man is Caught Hiding in a Septic Tank Under a Park Bathroom to Spy On Women

On Sunday, police caught a 52-year-old man hiding in the septic tank under a park bathroom in Oklahoma , where he was spying on women as they used the toilet.  They hosed him down because, according to their report, he was, quote, "covered in feces."  He was arrested on a peeping Tom charge.

Read the story --> The Smoking Gun


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